Serbian Lobbyists’ Association – Law on lobbying

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As part of the delegation of Serbian Lobbyists’ Association I have participated in a public debate on the adoption of the Law on Lobbying. We have sent constructive proposals to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia. Nenad Vukovic, President of the SLA (DLS), had a very notable presentation. We expect the Ministry to invite us to be part of the task force for the drafting of the Law on Lobbying, based on our written remarks.
Serbian Lobbyists’ Association has long been seeking adoption of lobbying laws in order to increase transparency in the decision-making process, the fight against corruption, and the protection of the integrity of decision-makers and civil servants.

Aleksandra Hristov’s lecture on public relations for students from 31 European countries

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Director and owner of Hristov Consulting, Aleksandra Hristov, held a lecture on public relations for students from 31 European countries, who are members of the ESTIEM European Students of Industrial Management and Management, at the Science and Technology Park in Belgrade.
Aleksandra Hristov’s lecture was organized within the international project PR-CR SCHOOL LG BELGRADE, which included a seven-day March seminar in Belgrade, with lecturers in the field of sales, marketing, design and public relations.
Aleksandra Hristov conveyed to participating students her practical experience, which she gained working for companies, government and non-governmental organizations. The focus of the lecture was on relations with the media and other aspects of public relations.
“It was a great pleasure for me to share the knowledge and experience I have gained in my past work. It was interesting for me to hear their opinions and their questions about public relations, and I have to say that they are a generation that fully understands the importance of PR and Crisis Communication” Aleksandra said Aleksandra.

The students expressed satisfaction with useful information they received in this lecture, and they also said that they will be able to apply it in the future.

Certificate of Appreciation from the Serbian Labor Inspectorate

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It is my profound honor and pleasure to announce that I have just received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Serbian Labor Inspectorate for the successful cooperation and contributions to strengthening of the overall capacities of the Labor Inspectorate in the year 2017.

Thank you director Mr. Stevan Djurovic, who with his associates has recognized my knowledge and the effort I have invested in this institution, especially as related to the Inspectorate public promotion. I wish them much success in the future at all the areas of their work.

Hristov Consulting celebrates 10 year anniversary

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Ten years of successful business in Serbia, important milestone.

Mineco presented IMP@CT European “mining revolution” project

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Hristov Consulting client, the British company Mineco, which manages several lead and zinc mines in the Western Balkans, has begun to work together with its partners on a big European project Impact that aims to launch a ‘mining revolution’ by finding the best methods for exploiting small metal deposits.

Under this project, 10 partner organisations from Great Britain, France, Germany and Finland will focus on finding innovative ways of exploiting mineral resources on smaller sites, where exploitation with existing solutions is unprofitable

The Impact project has received a €7 million grant from the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 to develop targeted, technological innovation in the design of mining equipment, and in planning in the field of mining. Team members say that innovation will not only reduce the need for feasibility studies, but will also improve the quality of the extracted material, infrastructure, land use, resource consumption and waste generation.

British-Serbian Business Conference 180th anniversary of Serbia and Great Britain diplomatic relations

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“Key Business Opportunities” British-Serbian conference was held in Belgrade, marking the great jubilee – 180 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and the United Kingdom.

The conference was organized by the Belgrade Eurosfera Consulting company, under the auspices of the Minister for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, the Embassy of Great Britain in Serbia, the Ministry of International Trade of Great Britain, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Serbian Parliament, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the British Society in Serbia and the British Business Network.

The fifth British-Serbian conference in Belgrade was dedicated to enhancing cooperation in prospective economic sectors, such as health and health tourism, safety and protection in business, education and entrepreneurship, mining and energy, food and beverage, production and services, but also Accessible and other relevant ideas and initiatives.

Ekonometar and Biznis magazin celebrated eleventh year anniversary

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On eleventh year anniversary of the publication of magazine Ekonometar and magazine Biznis, the founder and editor-in-chief of these editions, Radojka Nikolic and her associates, organized a ceremony where she presented their business results and future plans. In the presence of numerous officials, bankers, businessmen and economists, the Planet Business Awards were awarded in three categories – for successful management of the company, for successful entrepreneurship and for the highest amount of funds donated to the community in previous year.

Training for Public Relations for Civil Society Organizations in Serbia by Hristov Consulting and USAID

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Hristov Consulting, in cooperation with USAID, organized two day training on public relations for civil society organizations on January 25-26 in Belgrade. On the first day of the training participants were managers and public relations officers from organizations, while the second day of training was intended only for PR people.

The aim of the training was to present the best ways for communication with the public to civil society organizations, USAID partners in Serbia, and to point out the importance of systematic work in this field. The team of Hristov Consulting, who prepared training materials in cooperation with USAID, consisted of three facilitators (Aleksandra Hristov, Goradna Lazarevic and Miodrag Kostic), and the participants had the opportunity to discuss and share experiences with the editor of Phonet Zoran Sekulic and the editor of Blic Zlata Djordjevic.

Communicating in crisis situations lecture at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

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I was invited by Prof. Dr. Galjina Ognjanov professor of marketing at University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics to hold a lecture on “Communicating in crisis situations” for students of Public Relations section of marketing department. Lecture on crisis communication continues the tradition of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade to bring experienced professionals from successful consulting companies in Serbia.

Zoran Sekulic Awarded the Legion of Honor

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Zoran Sekulic, founder and Director of News Agency FoNet, was awarded the Legion of Honor, France’s highest decoration, by the ambassador of France in Belgrade Christine Moro.
Convinced that lasting stability and universal prosperity can not exist without the rule of law, respect for human and minority rights, freedom of expression and freedom of the media, I believe that the citizens of Serbia deserve a better press and better journalism, professional, knowledgeable and responsible. They deserve journalists and editors who work in the public interest, and owners who do not trade confidence, Sekulic said at a ceremony at the French embassy.
French Ambassador to Serbia Christine Moro said that the President of France Francois Hollande decided to award Zoran Sekulicr this recognition for his involvement in the service of the defense of media development and their independence in Serbia and in Europe.

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