Article on lobbying in Emagazin No.47

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on November 3rd, 2007 under Strategic communications | No Comments »


Emagazin is one of the most widely read monthly magazines on new economy in Serbia.

This is the first paragraph of my article in Emagazin:

What is lobbying?

Reading the title of this article you probably asked yourself what is lobbying? Obviously, word of foreign origin, one you now hear almost every day. First what most of people in Serbia think when they hear this word is ”corruption”, and others think about it as networking and people you know and influence. This other group is (believe it or not) right about it, but in developed democracies lobbying is defined much wider. Lobbying is nowadays very important factor of efficient social and political system functioning (in democratic countries), and is absolutely necessary for appropriate positioning and presence of any country in international systems and institutions (like EU).

You can read the complete article in Serbian language here

Sta je lobiranje  - emagazin

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