Skating with my dear nieces Helena and Lara

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Winter time is good to spent with family. I went skating with my nieces Helena and Lara. It was their first time on the skates. They are already rollerblading so they had no problem learning to skate. We had a great time, Helena and Lara enjoyed it so much.

New Year holidays on Jahorina mountain in BIH

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January In Serbia is time to celebrate New Year, Christmas, Serbian New Year, number of SLAVA-s in short, lots of rest. This year I have spent New Year on Jahorina mountain near Sarajevo in BIH. There was no snow but there was good spirit. My company was in good mood. We like that our friends from Slovakia liked the mountain and everything else.


Wonderful autumn day at ADA with Diane Cromer

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I went to ADA Park today with one of my dearest friends Diane Cromer. Weather was beautiful and we had a great time together at Sunset cafe.


( Ada lake)

Magazine “Status” best photos awards for 2007

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Magazine Status ( on 28th January rewarded photographers for the best photographs made in 2007, made in O3ONE gallery ( At that time the rewards were given to Novak Djokovic and Milos Vasic, who were proclaimed as the most positive personality and the best journalist in last year.

With Slavisa Lekic, editor in chief of “Status” magazine


Magazine Status, and the team working for Status in six years became synonym for objective and unbiased journalism in Serbia. In this context we can say there was complete impartiality when choosing the winners, whose selection as top professionals in their fields made this prestigious reward even more influential.

Photo by: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Lecture on media relations at Faculty of Economics

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Its been a while since my last blog post, but today I just had to do it. For months I was absorbed in starting my new business “Hristov Consulting d.o.o.“. Today there was a wonderful brake from my usual daily routine. At the Faculty of Economics (Belgrade University) I have given a lecture on media relations to students of Public Relations class.

ekonomski fakultet

I was invited to speak on my experiences on media relations by Professor Galjina Ognjanov. It was such a pleasant experience. I had a feeling I am back again to my student days. The way these young students accepted me, and with their young energetic Professor Galina, I felt I am back at Harvard University. Looking into their bright eyes, it feels no different if you are in Belgrade, or at any other prestigious western University.

ekonomski fakultet

Remembering the state of higher education in year 2000 when I started working as chief of staff in the Education Ministry, it was delightful to see this huge positive change, brought in by young entrepreneurial professors and their staff at the Faculty of Economics, much needed change, that’s also happening at other Faculties in Belgrade. It felt so good to be there. Many thanks to professor Galina and her wonderful students, for this memorable experience.

Why did I start this blog in English language?

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There are many answers to this question. But the main reason is my wish to give some of my personal thoughts and reflections to (English speaking) cyber visitors around the world.

I also promise to present various subjects on daily life in Belgrade and Serbia.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it …

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