Communicating in crisis situations lecture at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

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I was invited by Prof. Dr. Galjina Ognjanov professor of marketing at University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics to hold a lecture on “Communicating in crisis situations” for students of Public Relations section of marketing department. Lecture on crisis communication continues the tradition of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade to bring experienced professionals from successful consulting companies in Serbia.

Zoran Sekulic Awarded the Legion of Honor

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Zoran Sekulic, founder and Director of News Agency FoNet, was awarded the Legion of Honor, France’s highest decoration, by the ambassador of France in Belgrade Christine Moro.
Convinced that lasting stability and universal prosperity can not exist without the rule of law, respect for human and minority rights, freedom of expression and freedom of the media, I believe that the citizens of Serbia deserve a better press and better journalism, professional, knowledgeable and responsible. They deserve journalists and editors who work in the public interest, and owners who do not trade confidence, Sekulic said at a ceremony at the French embassy.
French Ambassador to Serbia Christine Moro said that the President of France Francois Hollande decided to award Zoran Sekulicr this recognition for his involvement in the service of the defense of media development and their independence in Serbia and in Europe.

In memoriam Svetlana Đurđević – Lukić (1963-2016)

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A longtime client and friend Hristov consulting, Svetlana Djurdjevic Lukic (53) director and one of the founders of the independent think tank the Center for Public Policy Research, a respected analyst and expert on US foreign policy, human security and security policy, tragically passed away at age 53.

She has led a number of projects, with a particular interest on the most important security problems for all  Serbian citizens, as well as various social groups in Serbia – young people, Roma, LGBT and women. She has published various works such as monographs and articles in various anthologies and magazines. As a tireless activist, Svetlana was engaged in various working groups in Serbia. Some of them are Government Working Group for drafting the National Action Plan for the implementation of Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council from 2016 to 2020, the Council of the Center for Foreign Policy Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia, and others.

She regularly worked with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). Before founding the Center for Public Policy Research Svetlana worked as a researcher and adviser in the Department for International Development London School of Economics (LSE) in London; Institute for Foreign Policy in Philadelphia, USA; Center for small arms control in South-East Europe (SEESAC) and the OSCE Mission in Belgrade. She was also involved in several projects of the Serbian Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense, as a researcher and associate at the Institute for International Politics and Economics, and the Institute for Strategic Research and the Institute Vinca.

Svetlana’s departure is a great personal and professional loss not only for the Center and its associates, but also the general public in Serbia. Svetlana leaves behind a husband and two children, as well as many close friends. We remain deeply saddened by her sudden and tragic death.

Two scholarships awarded by Harvard Club of Serbia

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Harvard Club of Serbia

Our Harvard Club of Serbia awarded for the second time two yearly scholarships for continued studies for two students in Serbia. The scholarships were presented by his excellency Mr. Kajl Rendolfa Skat the US Ambassador in Serbia and Dr. Dejan Popovic President of the National Council of the Higher Education  in Serbia and in the presence of Ms. Kori Udovicki Vice Premier of Serbia, and members of the Harvard Club of Serbia at the residency of the US Ambassador in Serbia.

The awards were given to Jelena Todić student of the Faculty of Law Belgrade University and Mihajlo Novakovic student of the Faculty of Physical Chemistry Belgrade University.

Hristov Consulting Press Trip for Macedonian Journalists

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For its client Mineco Limited, member of Mineco Group Hristov Consulting Hristov Consulting organized three day press trip for group of journalists from Macedonia to inform Macedonian public on Minco’s successful business in Balkans region. The journalist have visited two mines: Mine Rudnik near Gornji Milanovac in Serbia and Mine Sase in Republika Srpska and talk with their representatives.

Press trip has resulted in positive reporting on Mineco and its workers in Macedonian media. The first 4 days after the trip there were 24 publications (3 in news agencies, 4 in daily press, 3 TV, 1 weekly, and 13 on web portals).

Journalists visited the production facilities, laboratories and mines. The management informed them on what is needed for a mine to be successful and the need for continuous investments in infrastructure and business improvements. They discussed the environment protection and the importance of training the employees and continuously improving work conditions.

10th year anniversary of Biznis and Ekonometar magazines

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In the last 10 years Biznis and Ekonometar magazines have gained position on Serbian media scene as important medium for all the people who are interested in economy and entrepreneurship.
“The Government of Serbia has proclaimed year 2016 as the year of entrepreneurship, and we had the decade of entrepreneurship” said Radojka Nikolić, the founder and owner of NIRA PRESS d.o.o /
In the panel discussion “Serbian economy from 2006 to 2012” the participants were the prominent Serbian economists: Ljubomir Madžar, Stojan Stamenković, Draginja Đurić, Ivan Nikolić, Nikola Antiparmakov, Miroslav Miletić i Dragoljub Vukadinović.

Mineco Limited New Year’s lunch for media representatives

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One of the biggest investors in mining industry and renewable energy sources in Serbia, British Company Mineco Limited, member of Mineco Group, organized New Year’s lunch for media representatives.

During informal meetings and discussions, Mineco Limited director Bojan Popovic, presented Mineco Limited investments in the region, and plans for the future period.

At the New Year’s lunch other Mineco Limited mining managers and partners were present, Darko Vukobratović, director of Contanga – companz managing the ROC Mine , Petar Radovićrepresentative of Veliki Majdan mine, Miodrag Vukajlović, director of Bosil-Meta Bosilegrad mine, and Sava Mandić director of Mineco Plus d.o.o. in Belgrade.

Ninamedia Press Clipping celebrates 14 years of succesfull businees

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Ninamedia Press Clipping celebrated 14 years of succesfull businees activity. Ninamedia Press Clipping is a specialized agency for monitoring and analysis of media content in Serbia and the region. Every day,130 operators, analysts, translators and researchers in all major cities of Serbia and the region, monitor and analyze contents of 326 print and electronic media, delivering them to over 400 clients’ addresses, or 60% clipping services in Serbia (5.115.376 media clippings in last 14 years).
The event was atetnded by me and my friends and colleagues  Zoran Sekulic from FONET, Milos Rajkovic  from REM, and Igor Avzner from MEDIACIA.

Lecture on Crisis Communication for students of Belgrade Faculty of Economics

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I was invited by Prof. Dr. Galjina Ognjanov professor of marketing at University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics to hold a lecture on “Crisis Communication” for students of Public Relations section of marketing department. The students were able to hear and discuss the topics on: What is crisis communication? How they begin and how to prepare? How to manage crisis and what you can learn from crisis situations? The students asked a lot of good questions and we discussed real life situations and case studies from Serbian crisis communication practice.

Pres trip and PR campaign for “Mining Geology Forum Srebrenica 2015”

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My company Hristov Consulting has organized press trip for journalists from Serbia and I worked on public relations for the event “Mining Geology Forum Srebrenica 2015” in Bosnia an Hercegovina for my clients Mineco Ltd and Gross d.o.o.
There were media from both Bosnia and Serbia. We had 85 media coverages after the event.
The forum was opened by Petar Đokić, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska. The organizer is the company Gross that manages the Sase mine and whose majority owner is my client the British company Mineco Limited.
At the opening of the forum, British ambassador Edward Ferguson said: “It is satisfying to see an example of how the British investor Mineco achieves success in the field through excellence in management”, said Ferguson, adding that Mineco is currently investing USD 4.5 million in increasing production at Sase alone.
In his view, Mineco’s involjvment in the mines of B&H positions the UK as the second largest investor in the country after Russia.
At the opening of the Forum Minister Đokić also commended Mineco’s commitment to investment in Republika Srpska’s mining industry and its overall development.
“We have vast unexploited mineral resources and great potential for the development of the mining industry in Republika Srpska. The Government will therefore continue to support such investments”, said Đokić.
Dominic Roberts, COO of Mineco Ltd., said that the company intends to continue investing in B&H and Serbia, since this region is rich in mineral resources and non-ferrous metals.
He added that all the company’s mines use the latest technology and that all investment is accompanied by investment in environmental protection, at the level of the highest European standards.
Besides being majority owner of the Gross mine Sase, Mineco is also working on the rehabilitation of the lead mine in Olovo in the Federation of B&H, while in Novo Goražde they are investing in prospecting for antimony deposits.
In Serbia, Mineco is the majority owner of the Veliki Majdan lead and zinc mine, the zinc mine near Gornji Milanovac and the Bosilegrad lead and zinc mine, which is currently undergoing infrastructure works.

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