“Key advice for better business” in Econometar

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In the article published in Econometar magazine (www.nirapress.com) I told the journalist who interviewed me about the Association of Management Consultants of Serbia (UPKS  www.amcserbia.rs ), and the CMC certification program in Serbia which goal is to help local consultants become more competitive. CMC (Certified Management Consultant) is the sign of international standard of quality for individual business consultants and is implemented by ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes www.icmci.org) methodology. CMC is given to these management consultants who satisfy high standards of knowledge, experience, competence and professionalism and is recognized in 50 countries.


Analyzing previous experiences in Public Affairs

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August issue of profit magazine published second article in my series of texts about positioning in Public Affairs with the title: “Importance of analyzing previous experiences in Public Affairs”

Znacaj_analize_prethodnog_iskustva_ Aleksandra_Hristov.pdf


Profit magazin article “Positions in Public Affairs”

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In monthly magazine Profit that I work with, I have published number of texts on lobbying, crisis communication, public affairs etc. Most of the companies and public organizations have a great interest in creating their policy regarding laws. That is why it is important to understand the legal environment and react to it accordingly.

The text published in June issue of profit magazine is titled “Positions in Public Affairs” and talks about importance of positions of decision makers and necessary analyses needed before contacting them.

Pozicije_u_javnim_poslovima_ Aleksandra_Hristov.pdf


Article on public affairs in Profit magazine

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In 13th issue of Profit magazine I have published article “Public Affairs” (“Javni Poslovi” in Serbian language). I will write series of articles on public affairs, lobbying, stakeholders, etc. Most of my friends told me they can not wait to see and read the articles on this subject.


New corporate web site: www.hristovconsulting.com

My article on crisis PR in Profit magazine

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In 12th issue of Profit magazine I have published an article on crisis communication. The title of the article was “Are you afraid of crisis situations?”


Also there was an article written by my staff on organizing and implementing Brainstorming workshops.

From ‘Woman government angle’ column in Blic

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How to get to strategic goals?

Article in: BLIC Sunday January 25th 2009

Written by: Aleksandra Hristov
Communication and management consultant

Serbia on the right track”, was the campaign of the first democratic government of Zoran Djindjic from 2001. According to Serbian government in 2009 Serbia is on a right track towards European integrations, In the statement of forign minister, there are two main foreign policy goals – defending constitution and European integration.

Brussels is one of the most important places for European integrations, where all countries seriously work on fulfilling goals. Hrvatska, apart from big mission in Brussels, engaged few lobbying agencies. I sincerely hope Serbia will use its time wisely (time it doesn’t have) and ambitious deadlines. From my own experience I know strategy is vey important, but we need to implement it in our every day lives

To achieve these strategic goals, we must forget nepotistic tradition and political voluntarism and engage our smartest and most able citizens. I have a hope this government is conscious of all these things. That’s why Zoran Djindjic Government created the campaign “Serbia on the right track”, and he knew that 10000 most able could bring prosperity to their country.

Aleksandra Hristov

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