Article about campaign “I am a bot” for daily newspaper Danas

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Article about campaign “I am a bot” of the SNS (ruling Serbian progressive party) for daily newspaper Danas:

The SNS (ruling Serbian Progressive Party) “I am a bot” campaign is a direct response to the recent leak of the names of almost 14,000 of their own bots.
Hovewer, their reaction in this matter can not be classified and defined as proper crisis PR.
They¬†are actually trying to do “cover up” the facts by involving everybody and everything including even the pinnacle of the official and real power in Serbia.
Therefore, this “I am a bot” PR drive is more of a desparate attempt to “save the face”, that for the lack of anything better, has to declare obviosly irregular and even sometimes marginally criminal activity as something acceptable and legitimate.
By doing such convoluted campaign its creators unintentionally produced the counter effect of making their client’s already sevearly damaged public image even more vulnerable.
It can be safely said that this unfortunate crisis management attempt is one more item in an already long list of similar mistakes that the Serbian ruling political party did since May 3 Belgrade school tragic shooting.
The overwelming detrimental effect to their public standing could be immediately detected on social networks and oposition leaning media.
As a reminder, it may be added that the “bot” is someone who is using the fake identity to, in conjunction with the third party order or agreement, humiliate and dishonour on social media platforms the prominent and other public figures, events and organizations.
It should be reiterrated that the abovementioned campaign can not be called a crisis management but a deliberate malicious plan to further enforce the fake reality and chaos already created in a Serbian society with the ultimate goal to render out any meaning of political change based on obvious facts and the idea of truthfulness.
Forunately, like laws of physics, tennants and axioms of crisis management can not be ignored or these shall come back to hount you. One of these is that the promotion of lies as a value system if not supported by the immediate use of the brute force, starts to desintegrate very soon in a public arena and produces the opposite of intended effect.
The general population of Serbia, due to official’s repeated similar errors in a short time span is getting more sofisticated in taking note of these failed contraptions by the day.
All this generates the spiral of increasing citizen frustration in a currently notoriosly politically divided Serbia, and can add oil on smoldering fire in this society by additionaly proving that the state institutions used to do the bot’s job on state budget are not deeply disfunctional and corrupt but possibly damaged beyond repair in any normal political procedures circumstances.

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