My interview on Slavko Curuvija in IFJ Blog

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on April 4th, 2023 under Articles | No Comments »

Excerpt from my interview for IFJ Blog
Who was Slavko Ćuruvija?
“Slavko Ćuruvija is a symbol of brave and independent journalism and must remain written in history as such. I am honored to have worked in his team. In “Dnevni Telegraf” and “Evropljanin”, he brought together some of the best journalists and editors of that time. Slavko stuck to his principles until the end. And when his newspaper was banned and when it was dangerous to criticize the then ruling regime, he did not agree to remain silent. That’s why he was killed. For Slavko, like for everyone else who has been labeled a spy and traitor, that has never been proven in any court process,” emphasizes Aleksandra Hristov, who worked as a journalist for “Dnevni Telegraf” in the 1990s.


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