The fourth yearly symposium of Serbian Chamber of Notaries: Work on regulating the notary practice

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Serbian Chamber of Notaries – SCN, over the weekend of 14th and 15th December 2019, at the mountain Kopaonik (Serbia) resort, had their Fourth yearly symposium where they discussed the rules of the notary practice, their role in taxation process, and creating and use of the electronic documents.
“This symposium marks the continuation of the work on professional improvement of notaries practice”, said Mr. Srbislav Cvejic, the president of SCN, assessing that this gathering, as every year, represents the opportunity for notaries¬† to clarify the doubts in reference to the application of regulations.
At the symposium opening, the notaries of Serbia were greeted by deputy justice minister Ms. Jelena Deretic, as she congratulated SCN on the work done to date, and emphasized the need for further development.
Ms. Jelena Deretic has announced the improvement of the electronic tools used by the notaries, and emphasized that these betterments shall bring even larger results of the notaries, and of the judicial security of the citizens.
At the symposium the notaries and their assistants from 133 offices in Serbia were present and actively took part in various panels.
The president of the SCN has reminded everyone present that the notaries this year in September have marked five years since the notary service had been introduced to the Serbian judicial system, and continued to say that the notaries within the short period of time have built the respectable organization that has a prominent role in the system of law.
“The notary profession has succeeded in its basic function – to protect the rights of the citizens, speeding up and control of the public transactions, and lessening the burden on the courts. Thanks to the work of notaries, the double selling of the real estate has stopped, and the number of court cases related to contractual obligations has decreased very significantly”, Mr. Cvejic had pointed out.
The president of the SCN has thanked the Ministry of Justice for its great support that the notaries have received from the beginning, and also pointed the outmost role of the Professional board at SCN with its judicial experts that constantly work on further improvement of the notary system and regulating it’s practice.
In five years since the notaries were introduced into the judicial system, the notaries have done more than eight million judicial jobs for which they are duly authorized. The majority of the cases go to notarization of the documents, almost seven million. The solemnization of the licenses that included the checking of the content of the real estate contracts was around 900,000 cases.

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