Lobby Association of Serbia The Lobbyist law

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on May 14th, 2018 under Events | No Comments »

As a member of The Lobbyist Association of Serbia I have participated in the working group for Prevention and Fight against Corruption of the The Ministry of Justice of Serbia panel in Vrsac.

The great struggle of The Lobbyist Association of Serbia for getting The Lobbyist Law included clarifying some paragraphs of this Law in pursuit of preserving the integrity and the transparency, at The Ministry of Justice panel held yesterday. In light of the fact that despite GRECA recommendations for the need of having such Law, some influential organizations in Serbia were against it, we lobbyists are still holding out just fine. However, because of those organization’s insisting, we are going to also have an unregistered lobbyist, who can then remain under the radar of public scrutiny, and we must remain hopeful that the Ministry of Justice shall consider such danger.

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