Communication consulting for the conference IHIS Nutritionism

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on June 15th, 2013 under Events | No Comments »

My company Hristov consulting provided communication consulting and systematic support for organizing “Workshop II FOOD NUTRITION & HEALTH „ for our client IHIS – Nutricionizam . Workshop was held on October 24th 2013 in Belgrade. IHIS-Nutrition deals with research of food and nutrition. IHIS- Nutrition brings together top experts in the field, enabling excellent technical support to the industry. Industrial entities present the latest scientific achievements in the field of food products. Their activities include, among others, development and consultation in the field of functional foods also. They offer, for example such assistance in formulation and research from functional ingredients to the stability of functional products, and in particular they specialize in the application of nutritional and health statements on food products.

Our communication goals were:

- Together with our client to achieve successful communication with all stakeholders that are important for the conference.

- To nurture and protect reputation of IHIS Nutritionism

- To create key messages for all stakeholders and media

- To achieve and maintain good relationships with the media before the conference, during the conference and after the conference

- Support to IHIS-doo management in their public appearance

Our support included campaign about application of nutritional and health statements on food products. Serbia did not have European standards in this area, but thanks to the systematic campaign Ministry of Agriculture adopt its regulations for labeling products.

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