14 years of silence on the murder of Slavko Curuvija

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Slavko Curuvija was assassinated on April 11 1999 on Ester in the hallway of the building he lived in. I was one of the journalists who worked with him form the founding of Daily Telegraph. He was killed 5 days after he was accused in Politika newspaper for “treason”. His friend and family believe his murder was political because of his opposition to Slobodan Milosevic regime.

His widow Branka Prpa gave a statement to the press that giving status of witness protection to Rade Markovic, chief of secret police at that time, destroys the principle of justice.


Crisis management communication, public seminar & webinar

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I have performed public seminar on crisis communication in Career Development Center, together with Public Relations Association of Serbia. There were 40 participants present and over 360 viewers on internet streaming. Some of the comments you can see at:

At the seminar we answered the following questions:

  • What are the crisis and how they become?
  • How the human factors influence crisis?
  • Can you prepare for the crisis?
  • What are the problems with potential crisis?
  • How to react in crisis situation?
  • Why is it hard to get the facts at the crisis?
  • How to communicate in crisis?
  • Why do you need communication strategy?
  • What can you learn from crisis, if you survive?

Hristov Consulting will soon organize specialized training on “Crisis communication” for top managers and public relations professionals.

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