‘Change management in times of crisis’ training

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on March 14th, 2013 under Events | 2 Comments »

My company Hristov Consulting together with Belgrade Chamber of Commerce organized the training “Change management in times of crisis” certified by Serbian Ministry of Finance and Economy and Serbian National Agency for Regional Development.

Training was attended by managers of public enterprises and private companies, directors of institutions and their assistants. With intensive interaction the participants were able to share their experiences and get answers to questions like: Is change the only constant? What is changing and how? Can you plan and control the change? What is the meaning of change for your organization? How to motivate employees and gain their support? What is the benefit by those who oppose change? How would you organize team to implement change? Can you find right people? How would you explain the change to your stakeholders? What is the best way to make them allies?

I have a great time performing the training, enabling participants to get the most out of this very important subject.

VIDEO sa treninga

Trening Upravljanje Promenama

10th anniversary of Zoran Djindjic assassination

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on March 12th, 2013 under Events | No Comments »

Today is the 10th anniversary of first democratic Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic assassination. I was one of the tens of thousands people who came on “Walk for Zoran” to demonstrate respect for his work and accomplishments. When on Terazije Square I was very said, almost crying and in the same time very proud. Around me there were places, Trg Republike square where I was demonstrated in 1991 against Milosevic and his regime, before the war. Next was Kolarceva Street where students and citizens demonstrated in 1996/97 and I was journalists in independent media at that time, and we were on Terazije square where I remember demonstrations against Milosevic and contra demonstrations by his supporters.
We spent our youth protesting and here are the results.
-    The first Prime Minister was assassinated.
-    We are still trying to get date for European integrations
-    Country is in very bad economic, social and any moral situation
On the other hand I am proud that I was involved with some people who did everything (even gave their lives) for these ideas; against the war, against the regime, that took us back in the past, against other nations. So young people could have a chance to take get education and have future.
I had a great honor to work with Zoran Djindjic in the first democratic government and to know him personally and I am very proud of that.

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