Serbian management consultants association

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At the founding session of Serbian management consultants association I was voted member of the board of directors (consisting of 5 members). We will have to work hard to make our association goals come through. Our main goals are to make consultants profession in Serbia recognized and respectable and to make our association successful.


Many thanks to all the assembly members who have voted for my candidacy.


Article on public affairs in Profit magazine

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In 13th issue of Profit magazine I have published article “Public Affairs” (“Javni Poslovi” in Serbian language). I will write series of articles on public affairs, lobbying, stakeholders, etc. Most of my friends told me they can not wait to see and read the articles on this subject.

New corporate web site:

Lobbying, Public affairs lecture, Economics Faculty

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Yesterday, at the Faculty of Economics (Belgrade University – Serbia) I have given a lecture on lobbying and public affairs to students of Post Graduate Studies on Communication. Last time I was there I had been invited to speak on my experiences on media relations for students of public relation class. As last time, this time was wanderfull experince too.


I was very happy how these students accepted me. As they are on their master studies, already working for various companies, they have realized how important this subject is.


We had great discussions on the subject of public affairs and lobbying, and they were all deeply interested when I talked on my personal experiences back in 2001 when I have lobbied for the Education Ministry of Serbia (as Ministries chief of staff). Many thanks to my dear friend Professor Galjina Ognjanov, who has invited me and her wonderful students, for this memorable experience.


 New corporate web site:

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