Metinvest –SMC– Beograd – press conference

Posted by Aleksandra Hristov on March 25th, 2008 under Events | No Comments »

Just today I had organized press conference for Metinvest – SMC – Beograd company, and tomorrow I am leaving for Brussels to attend “EU Programs and Funds for Serbia 2008” Conference (EU Access). I will write about it when I come back on March 31st.

metinvest press
Photo by Mikica Petrovic

The press conference was about registering company Metinvest – SMC – Beograd as the first independent trader of Metinvest Holding from Ukraine, representing manufacturers of black metallurgy products on Balkan markets. This was a tough job requiring lots of translations between Serbian-English-Russian, but all went well.

metinvest press
Photo by Nenad Zaric

There were some 35 journalists attending and everything was perfect, even do we had to get everything ready on time in such a short notice. Thanks to all my partners and associates for great effort to get everything done right :-)

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